The Contest has ended.
Contest Period: June 07th 11 AM to June 09th 11 AM

1. Coinome will choose ten Participants who have traded the highest volumes of ETH in the ETH/INR market during the Contest Period as the winner of the Prize.
2. It is clarified that the volume of trades to determine the highest volume will be calculated as the aggregate value of ETH bought or sold with INR on Coinome. For example, Mr. X sells 1 ETH for INR 40,000 to Mr. Y. The trade volume for Mr. X and Mr. Y will be INR 40,000 each.
3. Trades executed between the same Participant shall not be eligible in total towards calculating that Participant’s volume of trades for the purposes of this Contest.
4. Repeated Trades executed between the same Participants will be scrutinized and if found to be intentionally manipulating the results of the Contest, the Participants will be disqualified from the Contest and removed from the Leaderboard.

1st Prize 25,000 INR
2nd Prize 10,000 INR
3rd Prize 5,000 INR
4th Prize 3,000 INR
5th Prize 2,000 INR
6th Prize to 10th Prize 1,000 INR Each
Rank Registered E-Mail Trade Value In Rupees

Disclaimer: Coinome reserves the right to cancel or amend the Contest and the Terms & Conditions of the Contest.
Please read the Terms & Conditions carefully before participating in the Contest.