Introduction to DigiByte- DGB

Launched in 2014, Digibyte is one of the major cryptocurrencies in the market today. It works as a decentralized currency on the international digibyte blockchain and supports 5 mining algorithms. Digibyte as an open source cryptocurrency, focusses on cyber security, fast payments and secure communications. It trades with the ticker symbol DGB and will have a total supply of 21 Billion DigiBytes in 21 Years (2035). The transactions are incentivized for miners with each of the 5 mining algorithms (SHA256, Groestl, Skein, Scrypt and Qubit) having equal weightage, which reduce the risk of hacking by an exponent.

Digibyte has a blocktime of just 15 seconds and can support upto 560 transactions per second, making it faster than bitcoins. With a supply of over 21 billion coins, Digibyte will has more supply than bitcoins and hence support more transactions on the network due to its lower price.

The digibyte code is released with a MIT license and is regularly under development by the non-profit foundation behind the coin. Digibyte is also the first altcoin to support and activate Segwit on its network in April 2017.

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