Introduction to BCH

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is a crypto-currency that was forked from the popular Bitcoin classic in August 2017. The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) was born out of the need by the community to enable faster transactions on the bitcoin blockchain. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) increases the Max Blocksize limit to 8MB when compared to 1MB limit of the Bitcoin (BTC) cryptocurrency.

Otherwise, there is little difference between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash on the front-end or on the users side. Given equal hashrate, the Bitcoin Cash allows for faster payment confirmations and lower fees.

It is possible that you may have seen Bitcoin Cash being referred to as bcash on some websites. This is not the right acronym of the Bitcoin Cash nor is it a symbol of the coin. It is more of a hostile confusion created by the users of Bitcoin who opposed the creation of Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Since its launch, its price has wildly fluctuate, dashing hopes of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) being a stable currency that can be used for transactions than just a cryptocurrency investment. The main reason for the fluctuation was because miners switch hashing power between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) based on difficulty and profitability. To reduce extreme fluctuations, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) introduced a new difficulty adjustment algorithm while still ensuring fast transactions on the network.

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